Marketing Essentials

Website marketing essentials

SEO is a long-term strategy but it is an important STEP if you want people to see your website show up in the SERPs. You should at a bare minimum have a strong title tag and a strong description as well as using Hi, H2 tags in your content.

 Advertising, just like in real life is essential but most jump right into ads before they should just to get traffic but remember this, traffic is for amateurs, conversions are for pros!  You’re competing with 1000’s, maybe millions with your ads, that’s why you need to Click the links below to read what’s important before you lose your monies running ads!

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Headlines Matter
Competitive analysis
Segmenting Is Essential
Finding Your Avatar
How To Separate Your Ad From Others
From Your Analysis To Crafting Ads

 What you need is a system, not just any system but a proven system to follow step by step!

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